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A. Badawi

American University of Sharjah, UAE

Commutative Ring Theory; Multiplicative Ideal Theory


Mahdi Atawneh

Palestine Polytechnic University, Palestine



  • J. Abuhlail


Hopf Algebras; Associative Algebra; Homological Algebra; Semirings.

  •    A. S. Ackleh

University of Louisiana at Lafayette (Dean of the Ray P. Authement College of Sciences and Professor
Applied Mathematics)

Main Area of research:   Mathematical Biology and Ecology




  •  Z.  AlSharawi

    American University of Sharjah,   Department of Mathematics & Statistics,   U.A.E. 

    Difference Equations and Discrete Dynamical Systems

    EMAIL:    Webpage:

  •  M. Ashraf

    Aligarh Muslim University, India

    Commutativity and Structure of Rings and Near-rings, Derivations on Rings, Near-rings & Banach Algebras, Differential Identities in rings and algebras, Applied Linear Algebra, Algebraic Coding Theory and Cryptography. ,

  • S.  Baigent

    Department of Mathematics, University College London

    Research Interests: Invariant manifolds for Kolmogorov and Lokta-Volterra equation; Curvature of Invariant Manifolds; Evolutionary Game TheoryGlobal stability for ecological systemsEcological modellingThe intermediate disturbance hypothesisCoexistence and PermanenceMonotone dynamical systemsQuasilinkage Equilibrium in GeneticsModelling Liver Physiology



Curators' Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, Missouri,  U.S.A

Research Interest:   Hamiltonian Systems, Boundary Value Problems, Variational Analysis, Optimization, Oscillation, Matrix Analysis, Computational Mathematics, Sturm-Liouville Equations, Difference Equations, Control Theory, Dynamical Systems, Positivity, Eigenvalue Problems,  and Time Scales

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  • I. Lasiecka

    University of Virginia, USA

    Applied Mathematics; Partial Differential Equations and Related Control Theory;Numerical Analysis; Optimization Theory.

  • Deshna Loonker

    Department of Mathematics, , J. N. V. University, Jodhpur, India

    Area of Research : Generalized Functions, Schwartz Distribution Spaces, Boehmian Spaces, Integral Transforms, Fractional Derivatives and Integrals and distribution spaces involving them,

    Integral Equations involving distribution spaces.


  • J. Lopez-Bonilla

    National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico

    Mathematical Physics; Special Functions; Fractional Calculus;Quaternionic Analysis; Orthogonal Polynomials

  • R. MacKay

    University of Warwick, UK

    Dynamical systems theory and applications, Complexity Science

  • R.K. Raina

    Department of Mathematics (Basic Sciences)
    College of Technology and Engineering
    M.P. Univ. of Agriculture and Technology
    Rajasthan, INDIA
    Area of research :   Special functions, Integral Transforms,  Fractional Calculus,  Geometric Function Theory (Complex Analysis).
  • N. Mahdou

    University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, Fez, Morocco.

    Commutative Algebra and Homological Algebra.

  • S. Messaoudi


    Hyperbolic Systems and coupled parabolic-hyperbolic Systems (Wave,Elasticcity, Thermoelasticity, and Viscoelasticity).

  • H. M. Srivastava

    Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia V8W 3R4, Canada

    Real and Complex Analysis,  Fractional Calculus and Its Applications , Integral Equations and Transforms , Higher Transcendental Functions and Their Applications , q-Series and q-Polynomials , Analytic Number Theory , Analytic and Geometric Inequalities , Probability and Statistics , Inventory Modelling and Optimization .

  • S. Uddin
    Differential Geometry; Geometry and topology
    King Abdulaziz University
    Department of Mathematics
    21589 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia