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Volume 1.1(2012)

Palestine Journal of Mathematics Vol. 1.1(2012):

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1 Barbara Kaltenbacher and Irena Lasiecka Exponential decay for low and higher energies in the third order linearMoore-Gibson-Thompson equation with variable viscosity
2 M. A. Khamsi On nearly uniformly convex metric spaces
3 Eissa D. Habil and Hossam F. Abu Lamdy On Spectral theory in effect algebras
4 Essin Turhan and Talat krpinar Spacelike elastic biharmonic curves with timelike M1 according to bishop frame in Minkowski 3-space
5 ShakirAli On generalized *-derivations in *-rings
6 Abdul-Majid Wazwaz A study on two coupled modified KdV systems with time-dependent andconstant coefficients
7 Abbas Bahri Deformation of immersed Legendrian curves along a pseudo-gradient for the action functional: the H10-flow at infinity
8 Marwan Abukhaled, Suheil Khuri and Ali Sayfy Spline-based numerical treatments of Bratu-type equations
9 Zeraoulia Elhadj and J. C. Sprott An example of a fully bounded chaotic sea that surrounds an infinite set ofnested invariant tori