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Volume 2.2(2013)

Palestine Journal of Mathematics Vol. 2.2(2013):
Theme Issue: "Control and Stability of Solutions of Wave, Beam and Plate Equations"
Guest Editors: Kais Ammari (Universite de Monastir, Tunisia), Marcelo Cavalcanti (State University of Maringa, Brazil), Irena Lasiecka (University of Virginia, USA), Salim Messaoudi (KFUPM, Saudi Arabia).

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1 Farah Abdallah, Denis Mercier and Serge Nicaise Exponential Stability of the Wave Equation on a Star Shaped Network with Indefinite Sign Damping
2 Giovambattista Amendola, Mauro Fabrizio and Adele Manes On Energy Stability for a Thermal Convection in Viscous Fluids with Memory
3 Akram Ben Aissa Grushin Problems and Control Theory: Formulation and Examples
4 Lorena Bociu and Daniel Toundykov Wave Equations with Nonlinear Sources and Damping: Weak vs. Regular Solutions
5 Aissa Guesmia On the Stabilization for Timoshenko System with Past History and Frictional Damping Controls
6 Yongjin Lu Uniform Decay Rates for the Energy in Nonlinear Fluid Structure Interaction with Monotone Viscous Damping
7 Sabeur Mansouri Boundary Stabilization of Coupled Plate Equations
8 Richard J. Marchand and Timothy J. McDevitt Spectral Behavior of Elastic Beam Models with Monotone and Non-Monotone Feedback Boundary Conditions
9 Ammar Moulahi Partial Stabilization of a Coupled Wave Equations
10 Muhammad I. Mustafa and Mohammad Kafini Exponential Decay in Thermoelastic Systems with Internal Distributed Delay
11 Amjad Tuffaha A Bolza Optimal Control Problem of a Clamped Thermoelastic Plate subject to Point Control
12 Hajjej Zayd Uniformly Polynomially Stable Approximations for a Class of Second Order Evolution Equations
13 Jing Zhang Min-max Game Theory for Coupled PDE Systems - Abstract Theory with Applications to Fluid Structure Interactions