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Volume 1.2(2012)

Palestine Journal of Mathematics Vol. 1.2(2012):

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1 Motoshi Hongan and Nadeem ur Rehman On Generalized Jordan *-derivations in semiprime rings with involution
2 David E. Dobbs and Brian C. Irick The frattini subsemigroup of the multiplicative monoid of a finite special principal ideal ring
3 J P Singh mean variance optimization of portfolios
4 J. C. Prajapati, A. D. Patel, K. N. Pathak and A. K. Shukla fractional calculus approach in the study of instability phenomenon in fluid dynamics
5 Akaninyene D. Antia, Akpan N. Ikot, Eno E. Ituen AND Louis E. Akpabbio analytical solution of schr?dinger equation with eckart potential plus hulthen potential via nikiforov-uvarov method
6 Jose R. Morales and Edixon Rojas Some fixed point theorems by altering distance functions
7 Anirudh Pradhan, Shyam Sundar Kumhar and Kanti Jotania Anisotropic Bianchi Type-I Massive String Cosmological Models in General Relativity
8 S.P. Goyal and Rakesh Kumar Some Properties for Certain Subclasses of k-fold Symmetric Functions with Fractional Powers
9 S. Visweswaran When does the complement of the zero-divisor graph of a commutative ring admit a cut vertex?
10 Lhoussain El Fadil A Public-Key Cryptosystem Based on Lucas Sequences
11 N. Amiri and M. Ershad and H. Sharif Covers for Modules