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Author Guidelines / Submissions

The Palestine Journal of Mathematics publishes articles in Mathematics (pure and applied). We do not accept articles in Statistics, Data Science, or Machine Learning. Articles must be written in good English and prepared in LATEX. They may be submitted directly via email as a PDF file to one of the following managing editors.

Ayman Badawi, (for articles in commutative algebra, coding theory, linear algebra, number theory)

Martin Bohner,  (for articles in applied mathematics).

Daniel Valer Breaz, (for articles in analysis (real and complex).

T. Tamizh Chelvam, (for articles on graphs from rings, semigroups, modules, and near rings)

Thodoros Katsaounis, (for articles in Numerical Analysis).

Najib Mahdou, (for articles in Homological Algebra).

Salim Messaoudi, (for articles in Partial differential equations).

Mozibur Rahman Mozumder, (for articles in noncommutative rings, groups).

Harikrishnan Panackal, (for articles in functional analysis, Fix point theory, operator theory, fractional calculus)

Manoj Kumar Patel,  (for articles in noncommutative algebra, module theory,  homological algebra, semigroups).

Ioan-Lucian Popa, (for articles in Stochastic Optimal Control, Computational Mathematics , and differential games).

Siraj Uddin, (for articles in analyses (real, complex), geometry, algebraic topology, topology)

Ambat Vijayakumar,  (for articles on graph theory, do not send him articles on graphs from rings, groups, or modules)


A new section is launched to publish pieces of exposition (covering mathematical issues in higher education, past figures of mathematics, and mathematical curiosities) and edited by Professor Peter Larcombe (The University of Derby, UK), to whom submissions may be made.


It is essential to give valid e-mail addresses and the affiliations of all authors when submitting a manuscript. Submission of an article implies that the work described has not been published previously (except possibly in the form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture or academic thesis) and that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

All submitted articles must be accompanied by an abstract summarizing the principal new results obtained and/or the new ideas behind them.

After your paper is accepted for publication, the editor-in-chief will send you the required packages to prepare the article in the PJM format.

The first page should contain the author's names, affiliations, and addresses. An abstract that does not exceed 600 words and recent AMS subject classifications should also be included. Acknowledgments and other announcements should be presented on the first page below keywords and before the abstract. References should appear at the end of the paper and follow the standard format.

There will be no page charges for publishing the accepted paper. 


Articles must be written in good English and prepared in LATEX (to download the PJM-format packages, click here ).