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Volume 3(Spec. 1), 2014.

Palestine Journal of Mathematics Vol.3(Spec. 1), 2014:
This special issue contains selected and refereed articles of the International Conference on Algebra that took place in Balikesir , Turkey, August 11-15, 2013, on the occasion of the 70th birthday of Patrick Smith and John Clark.
Guest Editors: 

  • Jawad Abuhlail (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, KSA ),
  • Ayman Badawi ( American University of Sharjah, UAE ),
  • Ahmet Sinan Cevik (Selcuk University, Turkey ),
  • Adnan Tercan (Hacettepe University, Turkey).

Honorable Guest Editors: Patrick Smith and John Clark.

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1 David Arnold, Adolf Mader, Otto Mutzbauer and Ebru Solak Representations of posets and decompositions of rigid almost completely decomposable groups
2 Christian Lomp On The Notion Of ’retractable Modules’ In The Context Of Algebras
3 Kenneth A. Brown and Paul Gilmartin Hopf algebras under finiteness conditions
4 Sergio R. López-Permouth and Jeremy Moore Invertible Algebras with an augmentation map
5 Berke Kalebo ̃gaz and Derya Keskin Tütüncü A Study On Semi-projective Covers, Semi-projective Modules and Formal Triangular Matrix Rings
6 Canan Celep Yücel A Note On ESC-modules
7 Cristina Flaut About some properties of algebras obtained by the Cayley-Dickson process
8 Mohammed Kabbour and Najib Mahdou Arithmetical property in amalgamated algebras along an ideal
9 David E. Dobbs On analogues involving zero-divisors of a domain-theoretic result of Ayache
10 A. K. Faraj, A. H. Majeed, C. Haetinger and Nadeem-ur Rehman On Generalized Jordan Higher Homomorphisms
11 Jules Clement Mba Non-cancellation of groups from module action
12 Nil ORHAN ERTA S ̧ Non-cancellation of groups from module action Fully Idempotent and Multiplication Modules
13 A. Boua and L. Oukhtite and A. Raji Semigroup ideals with semiderivations in 3-prime near-rings
14 Öznur Gölba ̧sı and Ahu Kadriye Gürcan On α− ∗ Centralizers of Semiprime Rings With Involution
15 A. Azizi Hollow Modules Over Commutative Rings
16 Chahrazade Bakkari Rings in which every ideal is v-finite
17 H. Fazaeli Moghimi1 and F. Rashedi2 Radical of Primary-like submodules satisfying the primeful property
18 Mohammad Ashraf and Mohammad Aslam Siddeeque On Generalized n-Derivations In Near-rings
19 Mohammed M. AL-Ashker, Arwa E. Ashour and Ahmed A. Abu Mallouh On Primal Compactly Packed Modules
20 R.D. Jagatap Prime k-Bi-ideals in Γ-Semirings
21 C. Selvaraj and R. Udhayakumar Stability of Gorenstein n-flat modules
22 Shakir Ali and Nadeem Ahmad Dar On left centralizers of prime rings with involution
23 Sibel Kılıçarslan Cansu and Erol Yılmaz On Generalized Semiradical Formula
24 G.F. Birkenmeier, A. Tercan and R. Ya ̧sar A Survey of some generalized extending conditions